Our comprehensive team, calling on specialist consultants where necessary, provide a full range of treatments and cosmetic procedures, including tooth whitening.

Our surgeons have many years experience creating first-class crowns, bridges and veneers using carefully selected,
highly-skilled dental laboratories to achieve outstanding results. See below for some examples.

Virtually all procedures are carried out in-house in our fully-equipped, modern surgeries, set in a large Victorian house overlooking the village green of Godstone, Surrey. Although less than a mile from junction 6 of the M25, the setting is tranquil, and enhances the relaxed atmosphere of the practice.
  Example 1
Before After  
    This lady was unhappy with her appearance. She had short teeth and spaces. The length of the teeth was increased by altering the gum, and 4 porcelain veneers were provided to restore her dentition.
  Example 2
Before After  
    This is an elderly lady with stained and chipped teeth, giving an unpleasant appearance.
Restored using porcelain veneers.
  Example 3
Before After  
    Damage caused by gnawing on chicken bones.
Again, restored by using porcelain veneers.
  Example 4
Before After  
    Unsightly crowns,
Restored using a combination of precera metal-free crowns and veneers.
  Example 5
Before After  
    14 year old boy fractured teeth in swimming pool accident.
Result achieved using micro veneers, which are much less destructive to young people's teeth.